About VPC

Mr. R. V. Shah

The Company

"V. Parshuram and Company (BORSAD)" is one of the largest manufacturer, wholesaller and retailer in "Charotar" region since 1960. We proud to travel over 50-years of journey with lots of challenges, improvement and success over the period.


As being an experienced company in fertilizer industry, we always provide quality products and excellent services to our distributors and farmers. We market our range of organic and chemical fertilizers in brand name "GULAB" all over the state of Gujarat. With today's changing market and farmer's demand, we are bringing new product line with innovative ideas and keep up our distributors up-to-date with market demand.


With vast experience in fertilizer business for more than three Generations, we committed to provide batter quality, great results and excellent services to our business associates.


Our mission is obvious, to be one stop for all your fertilizer needs by providing wide range of products, which can give maximum productivity, highest profitability and more satisfaction. After all, We "Believe in the BEST."